**Navigating New Opportunities: The Rise of Newly Built Homes in Chandler**


In today’s Chandler real estate market, many potential sellers are hesitant, worrying they won't find a new home after selling their current one. The concern is understandable, given the low supply of homes for sale. However, there’s a silver lining in this scenario – the increasing availability of newly built homes.

**The Shift to New Home Construction**

Currently, new home construction accounts for a significant 31% of the total housing inventory. To put this in perspective, historically, newly built homes usually represent only about 12% of the market. This dramatic increase is more than double the norm, presenting unique opportunities for both buyers and sellers in Chandler.

**Expanding Your Options with New Builds**

As a top Chandler realtor, I understand the importance of having a variety of choices when looking to purchase a new home. By including newly built homes in your search, you can significantly broaden your options. Many builders are now offering attractive incentives, such as rate buy-downs, which make these homes even more appealing and affordable. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, looking to upsize to luxury properties, or interested in family-friendly neighborhoods, new construction offers a range of choices.

**Why You Need an Experienced Realtor**

Purchasing a newly built home involves a different process than buying a pre-owned home. That's where having an experienced Chandler realtor like myself becomes invaluable. I'm here to guide you through every step – from navigating builder contracts and negotiations to understanding housing market trends and home values. This guidance is crucial, especially if you’re considering selling your current home and relocating to Arizona.

**Ready to Explore New Builds?**

If you’re contemplating selling your home but are concerned about finding your next dream home in Chandler, let me assist you. With my expertise in real estate market forecast, home staging tips, and professional photography for home selling, I can ensure your home selling and buying experience is seamless and successful. Let's explore the exciting world of newly built homes together!



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